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This page includes access to more information on a number of legal subjects.  Check these links for helpful checklists, definitions of legal terms and information that can help you become a better consumer of legal services and help you maximize your opportunities for success in business.

I will be adding new articles from time to time, so please let me know if you have questions about any topic not covered here.

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Article Links:

Business Formation issues

Doing Business in Utah (a publication of the state of Utah, contains lots of good information)

Key Concepts in Business Planning

Shareholder Agreements: Issues and Solutions (management issues, buy-sell issues, valuation issues)

Planning Your Exit

Business Purchase Issues: Due Diligence, checklists, etc.

What Is Diligence and How Much Is Due?

Buyer's Checklist

Seller's Checklist

Dispute Resolution

Arbitration, Litigation or Mediation?

Employment Issues

Employees or Independent Contractors?

See also IRS Tax Tip on Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Miscellaneous Business and Tax Issues

Business health Check-up

New SBA Funding Opportunities 

How to Change the Name of Your Business Entity

IRS's 2010 Tax Tips on Charitable Contributions

SBA 5 Tips for Small Businesses

Other Websites of Interest:

The websites listed here contain useful legal information, and information about operating a business.

Governmental Agencies:

SBA (funding, helpful information for small businesses)

SCORE (a national association of small business owners dedicated to helping other small business owners forma dn grow their busiensses)

Utah Workforce Security (Many seminars for business owners and employers, source of labor pool)

Utah Tax Commission (State income, employment and sales tax information)

IRS (All tax forms and publications; information for businesses about your tax obligations) Believe it or not, your IRS has a sense of humor.  Check out their tax quotes, such as: "People who complain about taxes can be divided into two classes: men and women."  (Unknown)


Utah State Bar

Women Lawyers of Utah

Utah Women's Alliance for Building Community

Other Links:

Vacation Estate in Southern Vermont (shameless plug for my beautiful rental property; beware, my son built the website and took off for college before finishing it!) 

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