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Hundreds of governmental agencies oversee all aspects of business, from employment to safety to record keeping. Each year, these agencies add new regulations, the legislature adds new laws, and courts issue rulings interpreting existing laws. Keeping up with the laws that affect your business can seem impossible.

This page will inform you of laws and regulations that could affect your business, and help you keep up with the changing legal landscape.

Let me know if you have an interest in a topic that you don't see covered here, and be sure to check back for new articles . . .

Utah Legislative Updates 2013:

Every year, the Utah Legislature enacts legislation that can affect your business. Bills passed in 2013 that you may need to know about include the following:

Limited Liability Companies:

  • Delayed until 2014 a reorganization of the LLC law and substantive changes were to take effect this year.
  • For more information on these changes, check my blog at where I will post comments about these changes from time to time

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control:

  • Enacted new Master License provisions allowing chain restaurants to get one alcoholic beverage license to cover multiple locations
  • Delayed until July 2014 provisions allowing transferability of liquor licenses


  • Changes curriculum requirements
  • Exempts hair-braiding from regulatory control
  • Adds control over other procedures
  • Recognizes certain cosmetology schools as postsecondary institutions

Economic News:

Utah's unemployment rate remains far below the national average, at about 4.7% (source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics).


 Utah Tax Commission News:

Check out the Tax Commission's website for updates on online filing capabilities.

Other Utah News for 2013:


IRS Updates:

IRS milage rates for 2013:

  • $0.565 per mile for business use
  • $0.24 per mile for moving and medical purposes
  • $0.14 for charitable use

For a list of 2013 tax tips from the IRS, click here.

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